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Best entertainment ideas for your Wedding – Denis Stone

Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas – OK, we have to be upfront and honest from the off. We want you to hire Denis Stone for your next wedding, and why not he is an award winning magician…But just in case your not too keen on Denis (smiley face), what other options might you consider for your wedding entertainment????

It’s never easy finding the best Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas, so we have documented a few which will allow you to condense and figure out the right entertainment options for your special day. First, you need to identify and tie down your budget!!! Then you can consider some options, we will start with Magicians, as Denis is not just a Magician but also an Illusionist and a Mind Reader…

Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas – One – Magicians

Magicians are among the best birthday party ideas. But they can also one of the nicest surprises for Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas, who is going to expect a Magician at a wedding?? And you’d be surprised to know that it’s getting more and more common. If you want great long lasting memories, a magician like Denis Stone is a great option, not just for the reception area as guests walk in but for the of the evening.

Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas – Two – Hire a DJ

The reliable Wedding DJs are always great Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas, OK, maybe not at the reception area, but for sure, after the ceremonies, dinner and speeches, you can’t go wrong with a DJ a great entertainment filler.

Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas – Three – Hire a Live Band or Classical Musician

One of the classic Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas would be to get a live band. Depending on the band, their reputation, the number of band members, etc., the price can be a bit steep, but then again, who doesn’t like a live band experience. The full band you can set up to perform before the DJ, but for the reception live music in the form of a classical or traditional musical artist, a musician playing a Harp, a Flute, a Violin, etc., can be a nice warm and welcoming experience. Something to consider…

Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas – Four – Bouncy Castles

OK, these bouncy castles aren’t really for the reception, but great distractions to get the kids away, so the adults can have some adult conversation! And of course, if they have too much energy to spend, get them on those bouncy castles!!! Tire them out and maybe they will want to go to bed before nine PM!!!!

Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas – Five – Photo Booths

Always a crowd pleaser, the Photo Booth are great fun, they look great, it provide some amazing benefits and features, great memories you can touch instantly, great photo quality and not very expensive…

We know not all of the suggestion above are ideal as Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas, we think the best out of the five is your magician….yes, Denis Stone!!!

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